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In Your business guide you can find information and essential services for starting a business in Portugal, such as company creation, selecting a name for your company, requests for intellectual property and available support, among others.. In the page “commercial registry services” you can find information on creating and registering a company in Portugal.

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However, it is common that this big step is not realized due essentially to the lack of capital. Thus, there are several business supports in Portugal for new companies, which allows to overcome these barriers in the creation of new businesses. In particular, it looks at some common pathways to establishing a business presence in Portugal, generally through a limited liability company, partnership or a branch/representative office. In addition, various economic, tax and regulatory factors are provided throughout as a source of useful information to assist those who will enter the Portuguese economy. Portugal is undoubtedly one of the European countries that has stood out the most in the area of entrepreneurship these days. Many giant companies like Google, Vodafone and Volkswagen, or even Startups like DefinedCrowd, Sword Health and Jscrambler are already operating in Portugal. Se hela listan på Title: How to start a company in Portugal in less than an hourLink: the Spot Firm is a service which allows the immediate incorporati The On-Line Company (Empresa Online) method allows single-member limited companies, private limited companies and public limited companies to be set up using a digital certificate, such as the Citizen’s Card.

Services include Registration, Formation, Bank Account & Tax. Mar 19, 2018 In recent years, portuguese administration has modernized and simplified the process of setting up a company in Portugal.


The Portuguese law allows for different types of companies. Two of these types stand out: Private limited liability companies (Sociedade por Quotas – Lda.): the minimum amount of money for the incorporation of this type of company is EUR 1.00 (one euro); Company formation in Portugal requires completing some actions before the company is ready to begin its activity.

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1 - Private limited liability companies (Sociedade por Quotas, LDA): require at least two partners, although there are Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas, which have a single partner (either an individual or a collective entity). Starting-Up a Business in Portugal: A corporate legal approach. 26/08/2016 Sofia Barros Carvalhosa, Investing in the company is easier since its capital is divided into shares that can be listed on stock exchanges and are naturally transferable 2003-10-10 However, the final attribution of the company name will only be done in person at the service desk at the beginning of the company’s creation process in Portugal. It is possible to opt for a company name that does not appear on the list of pre-approved names referred to above if a certificate of admissibility of the name previously obtained from the National Register of Legal Persons RNPC is Although Portugal’s subsidiary process is relatively fast, any missteps could result in fines, penalties, or increased setup time. You will also need to clear your schedule at your parent company to accommodate travel back and forth to Portugal. Keep in mind that someone in your company will need to learn Portugal’s subsidiary laws.

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2021-04-12 · An introduction to the process of starting a business in Portugal In many cases the process of setting up a business in Portugal may be done in a single day.
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The first two of these are the most common.
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Once you have all the requirements for the D2 Visa fulfilled, i.e. you know perfectly where and what company you will open, what's your business plan, why  

Private Limited Company: Number of partners: Minimum 1 shareholder with a maximum of 50. Capital (max/min): Minimum share  LC Consulting, Praia da Luz - Lagos, Portugal.

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Mr President, the Portuguese company Cerâmica Torriense has taken disciplinary Share capital should not be a serious barrier to starting a business and 

The first two of these are the most common. Private limited liability companies ( Sociedade por Quotas, LDA): require at least two partners, although there are S ociedade Unipessoal por Quotas , which have a single partner (either an individual or a collective entity). Since 2003, Healy Consultants Group PLC has assisted our Clients with starting their company in Portugal. Our services include i) Portugal business registration ii) government license registration iii) Portugal business bank account opening iv) employee recruitment v) visa strategies and vi) office rental solutions in Portugal. Opening a company in Portugal Entrepreneurs who wish to enter the agricultural business sector need to observe the legal requirements for starting a business .

Set up a business Business registration Moving to Sweden to start a business Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, 

Capital (max/min): ETB 50. Shareholders and liability: limited to the assets of the  Investors wishing to establish new credit institutions or finance companies, acquire a controlling interest in such financial firms and/or establish a subsidiary must  Legal Forms of Companies.

“Starting a company [in Portugal] is easy”, recalls Elliot Schmaltz, the third element which makes up the Lisboète team, and who arrived in Portugal six years ago. “In two and a half days, provided you have people who know what they are doing, you can get things done”, he explains. Company formation in Portugal requires completing some actions before the company is ready to begin its activity.